My name is Pawel Glaz and this is my personal website - a collection of small bits of information about myself. You can find my contact details at the bottom.

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I absolutely love gaining new knowledge. When thinking where I should study, I've decided to pursue truly international academic experience in order to be influenced by a variety of cultures and approaches. I believe that such attributes are extremely important in the increasingly interconnected world we live in today. If I were to describe my focus, I'd say it's a combination of organisational behaviour, organisational psychology and human resources.

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Technical Skills

Technical Skills

Even though my background is not related to IT, given how widespread the usage of computers is, I think it is highly beneficial to develop better than average computer skills.

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I love challenging myself and constantly expanding my comfort zone. With the buttons above, you can explore some of my interests and learn how they influenced and enriched my life.


Pawel Glaz (Paweł Głaz)



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